One of the things that brought Gary and I together was our love of travel and adventure. We’ve traveled all over the world and no other places have touched our hearts like Breckenridge and Kauai.

We purchased our first vacation rental in Breckenridge, CO in 1999.  We loved the quaint historic town and the river walk, not to mention all the hiking and biking opportunities to explore with our little ones.  Skiing has always been our favorite family sport and Breckenridge has so many mountains, whenever we were given a choice, we always chose Breckenridge.  Eventually we owned a few properties and managed some others to create Breckenridge Condo Rentals, Inc in 2003.  We’d love to help you create some amazing family memories in this gorgeous part of the Rockies!

As our family got older, we were able to travel to farther places and we first visited Kauai in 2010.  The lush gardens, the secluded beaches, the aloha from the people you meet and the cultural respect of mother earth could only be described as heaven on earth. We love Kauai so much we traveled there from Colorado several times each year and for many years we found adventure in staying in different places. On one occasion, we stayed at Pu’u Po’a and the display of the waves crashing against the rocky cliffs from almost every room was so exhilarating! From our first stay at Pu’u Po’a we were determined to someday make this place our home. In 2017 we sold all but our favorite place in Breckenridge and purchased our Pu’u Po’a condo.  We can’t wait to share the aloha and beauty of Kauai with you!